90 min - 7 slammer - 2 winners!

After a 5-years break we celebrated the successful come back of our Science Slam on 6 July 2018 at the Radio Lotte Nike Tempel. We warmly congratulate the two winners:

  • Michael Braun (Faculty of Art and Design): "Hidden Forms: Eine digitale Intervention im Handwerk"
  • Samuel Tesfaye Gebretensaye (Faculty of Civil Engineering): "Listening to the Flow"

Many thanks also to the other slammer and their amazing presentations:

  • Mouloud Allek
  • Asha Nariyambut Murali
  • Daniel Scheidler
  • Markus Schlaffke
  • Joephy Sze Ting Wong

Impressions of the Science Slam 2018!