A Science Slam is not only fun and entertainment, but also a form of science communication attracting the attention of new audience. Unlike his role model - the Poetry Slam - it's not about reciting own texts, but an understandable and entertaining presentation of original research. In over 15 German cities young researchers regularly compete and inspire people to whom scholars often appear as an alien species in an inaccessible ivory tower. The audience is the jury and chooses the slam champion.

Our Science Slam is BACK ..

.. on 6th of July 2018 hosted by Radio Lotte / Nike Tempel!

You have 8 minutes to present your project. Photos, videos or experiments - everything is permitted for an exciting contribution.
Goal: to transport inspiring projects from the university outwards! With their applause, the audience decides over fame and honour. One microphone, five opponents and a prize of 100 Euro are waiting for you!

Contact Viola or the BRS Team, if you want to be a slammer or want to know more about the slam: phd-eventsd[at]uni-weimar.de

Deadline: 04.07.2018

Science Slam 2013

Science Slammer 2013 (Photo: Johannes C. Elze)
Science Slammer 2013 (Photo: Johannes C. Elze)

It was time again to get slamming for our 3. Science Slam on June 5th 2013 at the mon ami Saalcafé: Six brave candidates presented their projects and we want to thank again all participants, our very enthusiastic jury audience, the mon ami team and of course our Science Slam musicians from "Ottomotor"! Our participants:

Shahram Ghorashi: Cracked Material (Faculty of Civil Engineering, GRK 1462)

René Seyfarth: Troublesome Spaces (Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism)

Eva Thinius: Crucial living - und wie wohnst du?
(Faculty of Media, Media Art and Design)

Gall Podlaszewski - Tragicomedy in 12 acts (Faculty of Architecture, Research Group Urban Heritage)

Mojtaba Shahraki – High-Speed Railway Tracks (Faculty of Civil Engineering,  Foundation Engineering)

Naira Chilingaryan - Locus of Imaginaries (Faculty of Architecture, Research Group Urban Heritage)

Gratulation to our two winners:

Science Slammer 2013: Mojtaba Shahraki collected the most points from the audience with his presentation on "High-Speed Railway Tracks" for his comprehensibility, the entertainment value and his project idea.

Science Slam Audience Award 2013: Shahram Ghorashi could awake the biggest enthusiasm, closely followed by Gall Podlaszewski and Naira Chilingaryan.

Impressions ..

(Photo: Johannes C. Elze)
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Science Slam 2012

7 slammers battled for the attention of the audience at the 2nd Science Slam on 30.05.2012 at the mon ami Saalcafe. Robert Verch (Graduate "Visual Comminucations") was able to win over the audience and took home fame, honor and 100 Euros for his convincing and entertaining presentation "Kryotypie," closely followed by Adrian Woldt (Master student Faculty Media, "The United Creative") and Aaed Al Masri (PHD student Urban Heritage, "Cultural heritage conservation in conflict areas"). All the other slammers share 4th place. We thank the four fantastic members of the Jazz band "Ottomotor," who jammed for the Science Slam the second time and also to our moderator Sina Peschke.

Slammers 2012:

1. Maurice van Brast (Faculty Media, Experimental Television)
"Die Zukunft, die Medien & der ganze Rest - oder der Sand im Getriebe"
2. Ossama Hegazy (Faculty Architecture, PHD-programme European Urban Studies)
"Integrative Moscheen in Deutschland"
3. Christiane Hadlich (Faculty Civil Engineering, Structural Physics)
"Die virtuelle Thermografiekamera"
4. Milinda Piyasena (Faculty Architecture, PHD-programme  European Urban Studies)
"Ontology Based Approach in Spatial Data Infrastructure Enabled Urban Planning for Securing the Urban Land Tenure"
5. Adrian Woldt (Faculty Media, Media Art & Design)
"The United Creative"
6. Aaed Al Masri (Faculty Architecture, PHD-programme  European Urban Studies)
"Cultural heritage conservation in conflict areas"
7. Robert Verch (Faculty Art & Design, Visual Communication)

If you have any questions to the Science Slams or would like to take part in our next Science Slam 2013 email us: research-school[at]uni-weimar.de


The First Weimar Science Slam at the Summaery 2011

With "Powerultraschall" and concrete, Dr. Christiane Rössler picked up the title of the first Weimar Slam Champion and won a Euro 100 cash prize and boxing gloves. Three Candidates lined up in the Screenhaus.Solar for vivid and entertaining presentations before a public jury.

Thank you to the other two Slammer, Dr. Oybek Bakhramov and Max Neupert, and also to the presenter Andreas Heidenreich and the four jazz musicians of "Ottomotor"!

Photos: Hamish John Appleby