Construction process control

Students will have a holistic view of construction processes based on the systems approach, as well as the theoretical foundations necessary for this; they will have knowledge of the modeling of construction and material flow processes and the use of simulation for their efficient design.

Starting from a holistic view (systems approach), fundamentals are taught to be able to design construction production processes efficiently. After an introduction, the fundamentals of modeling technological processes are laid and deepened using examples and modeling tools.

Contents of the module:

  • Fundamentals of Production, technology and technological processes
  • Knowledge and application of process modelling,
  • Perform BIM use cases
  • Fundamentals of simulation of construction processes,
  • Application of simulation and optimization in construction operations

Requirements for participation

RecommendedBasic knowledge of Computer-Aided Design and BIM, Basisc of construction management and construction processes


In-class study:45
Independent study:45
Projekt work:60
Preparation for the Submissions:30
Examination mode:Written exam and project work
Weighting:40% project work and 60% written exam
Course ECTS:6


An comprehensive  script with the most important contents and further references will be provided.

  • VDI-Richtlinien: 2552 Blatt 1-11
  • Building Information Modeling: Technologische Grundlagen und industrielle Praxis. Borrmann, 2.Auflage 2021, Springer Verlag