B88 Zeutsch bypass: Tracing with BIM

The low-threshold transfer of innovative digital planning techniques in construction practice is an important concern for the modernization of the construction industry. The research project "BW 01, B88 OU Zeutsch-Nachfahren mit BIM" of the Free State of Thuringia is dedicated to this goal. In this project, the broad implementation of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method in traffic construction is to be supported under the scientific supervision of the Bauhaus University Weimar, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Chair of Construction Operations and Construction Methods. In order to gain experience of how processes and tools can be changed or implemented in practice in a way that is as risk-neutral as possible and at the same time forward-looking and efficient, the approach of recreating a real construction project that has already been carried out is chosen.

In the course of the project "BW 01 in the course of the B88 OU Zeutsch", the previous and thereby gained experiences are aggregated, structured and documented by students in the role of BIM ambassadors with the BIM method, so that these can be used as a thread of action in future projects in a targeted manner. By means of a structured BIM method fund, both the Thuringian State Office for Construction and Transport and its partners in planning and execution, in particular the numerous SMEs in the region, are provided with a low-threshold introduction to the use of digital Building Information Modeling methods for their project tasks.

Bauer Bauunternehmen GmbH, Bickhardt Bau Thüringen GmbH, Eurovia Verkehrsbau Union GmbH, INVER Ingenieurbüro für Verkehrsanlagen GmbH and STRABA SE are also involved in the project.