Nasim Babazadeh M.Sc.

Doctoral Candidate

Marienstraße 13a, Raum 207
99423 Weimar


BIM-based construction noise management with focus on inner-city construction. more

Babazadeh, N., Bargstädt, H.-J. (2022). The benefits of building information modelling in construction noise control in the pre-construction phase (a focus on urban area constructions), Proceedings of the 51nd inter.noise conference, Glasgow 2022, ISBN 978-1-906913-42-7. 

Babazadeh, N. (2021). BIM-based construction noise management approach with a focus on inner-city construction. In: Disser, M., Hoffmann, A., Kuhn, L., Scheich, P. (eds.), Proceedings of the 32nd Forum Bauinformatik, Darmstadt 2021.