Published: 18 April 2023

Excursion in the summer semester 2023!

Our students were able to gain exciting insights into ongoing construction sites and current developments at BAU2023!

The Chair of Construction Engineering and Management organised an excursion in the summer semester 2023.

The aim of the two-day excursion was to visit the BAU2023 trade fair (World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems) in Munich and two construction sites with guided tours by Goldbeck GmbH and Drees & Sommer.

At the first construction site, in the Nuremberg area, Ms. Zwaka, Lean Manager RG East, led the 38-person excursion group through the nine levels of the multi-storey car park and the warehouse. The second station was the Drees & Sommer AG construction site in Freiham, Munich. There, a district is being built with shops, residential as well as office buildings. Ms. Al-Jaf, the project manager, guided the group through the construction site.

We would like to thank the dean's office, Goldbeck, Drees & Sommer and the RKW Competence Centre for supporting our endeavour!