International Conference on Coupled Numerical and Experimental Models

Coupled Numerical and Experimental Models in Structural Engineering

26th - 28th April 2017, in Weimar

Scope & Conference Topics

Solution of any engineering problem is based on a model. The solution quality strongly depends on characteristics of the used model. Moreover, modern problems of engineering typically require not only single models, but rather a combination of different partial models. Thus the coupling quality influences significantly the quality of the result. Therefore, the research area of the GRK 1462 is estimation of quality of the coupled global model depending on partial models and input parameters. This research covers such topics as stochastic, adaptive, inverse, and meta modelling. You are warmly invited to participate in the workshop covering the following topics of particular interest:

Model abstraction in Theory and PracticeV & V of Engineering Models
  • conceptual and hybrid modelling;
  • mathematical and physical models;
  • selection,
  • sensitivity,
  • reliability;
Coupling of ModelsDesign of Experiments
  • methods and techniques;
  • assessment;
  • virtual experiments;
  • structural laboratory tests;
  • structural monitoring.