Felix Mucha

Felix Mucha

Topic: Evaluation of model quality in Structural Engineering by inverse approaches.

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The monitoring of structures in the inventory includes the identification of structural changes of constructions during their lifetime. This is more than ever realized by solving inverse problems.

The identified variables are often in the mathematical sense infinite dimensional spaces.

Therefore we need regularity requirements for developing a mathematical model.

For treating these problems we use regularization techniques for example projections on finite-dimensional subspaces, iterative process with termination condition, Tikhonov-regularization etc.

In context of thesis on the one hand we like to consider the suitability of a chosen inversion method, otherwise we want to find out which effects have the choice of models on the solution of inverse problems.

If there are both analytic and numerical strategies available, we like to discuss to what extent the choice of the ansatz influence the results, model parameters, initial and boundary conditions.