View inside the Mac-Pool
Photo: Jonas Tegtmeyer

The computer pools of the Faculty of Art and Design are located at Marienstraße 1. They offer work stations with high quality Macintosh computers. These are equipped with high performance software for layouting, image editing, video cutting and 3-d animation. There are several rooms available around the clock even for small groups of students. During business hours you may use the offered print and plot service (printing formats from DIN A3 to DIN A0 are possible). The head of the Mac-pool supports the students and is available for help and instruction on the computers.

Printing decors

In Mac-Pool is a printer available, which can be used to produce designs that can be applied to porcelain, ceramic and glass. The graphics, patterns, etc. will be printed, coated and subsequently applied as a decal on the corresponding object. To preserve the decorations, the work pieces need to be baked at 820 degrees Celsius afterwards.

The templates should have the following parameters:

Colors: CMYK
Maximum size: 20 x 29 cm
Resolution: 200 - 300 dpi

If you want to use your own illustrations, make sure that the scans have a high contrast (eg. Pencil drawings can be problematic).