DBL Platform

The Digital Bauhaus Lab (DBL) provides Media Environments students the opportunity to work with a multi person tracking system and learn about system controls, network set-ups and develop interactive and performative artistic projects. 

The DBL is a site where Students and staff research human interaction in space though performative and interactivity. The tracking system records human movements on a 6x6m plane with twelve cameras that analyze three-dimensional tracking data in realtime, enabling interactive installations.
The platform includes a large scale video wall (4,8x2,7m) and a high-end surround sound system (ten loudspeakers + two with Fireface Interface). It is a modular platform where the tracking system, video screen and sound system can be arranged for different purposes. The DBL is equipped with an exception high-speed-camera-system that produces high quality HD recordings. The system uses twelve cameras to record data of any movements on the platform in realtime.

The parameters of the DBL are controlled with a custom hardware system and is equipped with four Mac work stations. OSC protocol (Open Sound Control) is used to align and interconnect a variety of elements of the performance platform. The work stations are equipped with programming environments for creative coding (Processing, Pure Data and Max MSP), along as specialized software for composition, movement control and stereophony (Iannix, Zirkonium). The Media Environments Research Chair regularly gives introductory courses, workshops and seminars where students learn to use the DBL.