3D Printing

These printers can be operated independently after receiving personal instruction from a tutor.

It is particularly important that you sign your name in the print calendar so that others can see when slots are available and who is currently printing. Prints that are not registered will be canceled!

Please carefully read the yellow signs on the printer and transfer the information to Cura. Otherwise, your result may be flawed or the printer may even be damaged.

Only the existing PLA filament is used. Filament changes are only carried out by the tutors. If it runs out, please inform us immediately!

The glass plate is only wiped with dish soap! No glue stick, BlueTape, hairspray, or anything else. There is a high risk of the plate breaking when removing these substances.

You pay for your print by putting the money in an envelope and placing it in the cash register on site. A cost table is displayed above the printers.

You determine the duration of your print either from Cura or from the printer's display itself. We operate on an honor system and use the money for spare parts and new consumables.