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Bildrechte: Sandra Rücker
Bildrechte: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | Fotograf: Thomas Müller
Published: 23 November 2022

Auditory Place of Remembrance at the 14th Media Art Award

Experimental Radio & Teaching Art alumna Sandra Rücker won second place at the 14th Media Art Prize. Sandra Rücker's work "Da lag Preßwitz schräg drinne" creates an auditory place of memory of the flooded village of Preßwitz.

Time:  Exhibition opening. 25 November 2022 | 2 pm

Place:  EIGENHEIM Weimar | Asbachstraße 1 | 99423 Weimar

The work "Da lag Preßwitz schräg drinne" is a performative place of remembrance for the village of Preßwitz, which was flooded in 1938 by the construction of the Hohenwarte dam. In search of the village's coordinates, listeners move acoustically across the water surface of a Thuringian lake. With each stroke of the oar, the listeners bring back to the surface things that had been forgotten. Be it the secrets of the traumatised grandmother who did not speak because of her loss of home, the traditions and customs that seem long outdated and useless, the military preparations for war by the Wehrmacht, or the forced labour that built the dam. The performative place of remembrance aims to raise awareness of the transgenerational significance of the loss of homeland and to draw attention to the National Socialist legacy of the Hohenwarte dam.

The preliminary research for the thesis took place as part of the project module "Radio Art Workshop" (summer semester 2021) at the Experimental Radio supervised by Prof. Nathalie Singer and Elena Zieser. Elena Zieser (Experimental Radio) was the first supervisor for the final project ; the second supervisor was Andrea Dreyer (Professor of Art and its Didactics).

Sandra Rücker (*1995 in Saalfeld)is an audio artist and art teacher. She studied art and biology at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. 

The Media Art Award annually honours the best final theses in media art/media design and offers alumni the chance to present their work to a top-class jury and a broad public. In this way, students can gain important experience in the exhibition business and expand their contacts to the art and cultural scene.

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