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Published: 21 October 2022

25.10. Radio Talk with Yara Mekawei »Radio Submarine«

In the first radio talk of the winter semester 2022/23, Yara Mekawei will present and perform her pan-African project "Radio SUBMARINE". The Egyptian sound artist will open a series of radio talks throughout the winter semester with guests from the international radio art scene. The talks will revolve around questions such as: Who listens? Who speaks? Who archives? Who is archiving?

The online broadcasting project "Radio SUBMARINE" archives Africa through a musical and musicological approach. It explores African societies through their sound, listening habits and the many musical languages and genres. It focuses on alternative and electronic music, as well as sound art and soundscapes from the different African societies to learn more about the respective music scene in the different regions of Africa.


"One continent binds us together. Diverse cultures, countless peoples, multi-colors, a social diversity, many ethnicities, religions and origins - everything comes together on the same land. Yet the continent of Africa has developed a common history over the years. And with its 54 clearly recognised states today, its 1250 to 3000 different indigenous languages, it is also the place where civilisation began."


"Music moves the air. And spans the borders, like the fish in the sea. That's the Africa you hear when you listen to its music."


Mekawei finds through and in her project how throughout the ages African culture is crystallised in music, and both the unity and diversity of Africa's cultural are reflected in its music.


The performance & project presentation will be followed by a Q&A and drinks.


Yara Mekawei works as a sound and media artist in Cairo. Her electronic compositions and bricolage works are inspired by the tides and flows of urban centres, architecture and translations between sonic and visual levels. Her performances, installations and sets have been shown at numerous festivals and exhibitions including radio in between spaces, SAVVY contemporary, Goethe Institute in Cairo, Egypt and Lagos, Nigeria. She currently holds a scholarship from the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme.


Date:             25th of October 2022 | 6:30 pm

Place:             Limona, Steubenstraße 8a, 5th floor (glass box), 99423 Weimar


The “Radiogespräche” (radio talks) are a lecture series of the Experimental Radio. They take place thematically alongside the ongoing courses of the semester and are open to the public.

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