Overview Master Programme EU

Master Programme EU

European Urban Studies respond to the dynamic transformation processes which affect urban spaces at the beginning of the 21st century. Urban landscapes of dispersed character, global markets, virtual spaces, powerful actors in the construction business and postmodern lifestyles generate new challenges for the spatial competence of planners and spatially oriented designers.

Education in design, planning, scientific analysis and moderation in order to train and create the “urban curator”, the expert for urban space with reflexive competence.

Target group
Graduates of of architecture, landscape and interior architecture, urban, regional and spatial planning, geography, civil engineering, urban and architectural sociology, ecological science and comparable spatially oriented disciplines.

Internationality (lectures and seminars in English; worldwide professional contacts)
Interdisciplinarity (integration of urban design/urban planning, urban preservation, urban sociology, project development and spatial planning)
Orientation towards both science and design

Four semesters, the second of which is an internship semester (model projects worldwide)

Master of Science (M. Sc.)

Detailed information on both Master programmes can be found here.