Studying in Weimar

I came to see a museum
and I found a school.

Leonard R. Bacich
Pratt Institut N. Y.

Your decision to study in a foreign country will confront you with a number of organisational challenges and unanswered questions. To make your arrival in Germany easier, we’ve gathered some of the most important information and links below.

Discover Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Learn German

Organise everything

Plan your finances

Find room

Living in Weimar

Find important contacts

Information for refugees 

For the most important dates of the academic calender, for example the welcome week or the semester break, take a look here.

Special Info: To get to know the University or the city of Weimar it might be a good idea to visit us. There are several events where you can discover Weimar, its students as well as faculties and party at the same time. One of these yearly events is called "Summaery" [German link] - an exhibition showing what students from all faculties have done in one year. This is a very good opportunity to get in touch with students of other faculties and enjoy Weimar's nightlife.