Culture Talks

  • Would you like to help other students become better acquainted with your home country, its customs and culture?
  • Would you like to get together with other international students on a regular basis?
  • You’ve never tried cuisine from the countries where your fellow international students come from?
  • Are you going to be travelling abroad soon and could use some insider tips?
  • Do you wonder what the cuisine from other countries tastes like?
  • Do you want to learn more about a country and its culture than what you can find in a Wikipedia article?

At our Culture Talks every Wednesday at 8 pm, international students present their home countries, show photos, play ethnic music and prepare traditional foods. In the discussions that follow, everyone can talk, learn and share information with one another. As an important part of international student life in Weimar, you should definitely keep this evening of the week free.

The Culture Talks are organised by Bauhaus Internationals in cooperation with Studierendenwerk Thüringen and take place at the Projekt EINS. 

Do you want to join us?

  • Do you want to organise a Culture Talk?
  • Do you want to represent your country?
  • Do you have questions?

Then contact us!

Culture Talk Team

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