Tandem Programme

  • Do you have difficulty understanding the cashier at the supermarket?
  • Would you like to learn German outside the classroom?
  • Are you looking for a German student to help you with pronouncing difficult words in a more relaxed setting?
  • Would you like to test and improve your language skills with a native speaker?
  • Do you find that your language instructor doesn’t have enough time to answer all your questions in class?
  • Are you going to be travelling abroad soon and want to know what to expect?

The Tandem programme gives you the opportunity to improve your language skills in one-on-one meetings with a native speaker.
On the one hand, you profit from your partner’s knowledge and cultural background. On the other hand, you can contribute your own knowledge of your mother tongue and get practice in teaching a language.
In a nutshell, the tandem programme is about creating a learning and teaching environment that allows both of you to improve your ability.

Do you feel like learning an "exotic" language for a change, as opposed to the "classic" English, French or Spanish? No problem! There are international students from all around the world at the Bauhaus-Universität and they have loads of different cultural and language backgrounds.

Have we sparked your interest? Then join us now! By filling out the sign up form help us find a suitable Tandem partner for you.

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Tandem Links

We have put together some material in case you need help with your Tandem outside of the official meetings:

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