Under the asphalt of the campus – design module bachelor summer semester 2021

The south campus of the Bauhaus University was completely asphalted in 2015 to make room for parking spaces. It is the perfect example of how urban planning should NOT look like in the context of the climate crisis. The task in the urban design for the 2021 summer semester was to transform this place into its opposite: a prime example of decarbonization and sustainable building.
A hybrid open-air exhibition showed the designs developed by the 37 students in the parking lot. QR codes on the south campus connected the real locations with the visualizations of the students. As part of the Bauhaus-Uni Weimar's summer work show "The SUM", the potential of the site was tested for an evening and the south campus was brought to life.

The design project also discussed the question of which images sustainable building creates that make what is absolutely necessary - the radical reduction of CO2 - appear desirable and desirable. In this sense, the students interpreted the south campus as a meeting point for the entire university, as a campus worthy of the name, as a communal place with great functional and spatial qualities.

The students are active users of the south campus, they are the ones who benefit from the range of free spaces and activities. After two semesters of online teaching, it was therefore obvious to reflect on the role of the campus together with the students.


Participating teachers and professors:

Steffen de Rudder, Pola Rebecca Koch, Stefan Signer, Martina Jacobi, Benjamin Schatz

Participating students:

Katharina Colbatzky, Paula Koerber, Marlene Zwilgmeyer, Caspar Wille, Paula Liz Stockburger, Lennart Trisl, Svenja Ikels, Simon Kliem, Aylin Dattner, Muborakkhon Yusupova, Anna Lotta Philippi, Nils Ophoff, Johanna Kruse, Emanuel Sandritter, Arvid Meyer-Gerit, Joachim Brönner, Madita Pyschik, Mina Lucille Pommeranz, Louisa Müller-Naendrup, Hanna Tost, Piet Krause, Thomas Krannich, Cora Sauré, Kensia Bellvie Klingert, Frederike Eckstein, Jannis Martens, Anais Rana Tenur, Lilli Walter, Mona Rauch, Joel Schülin, Nina Treppe, Anastasia Gnetova, Maria Winkler, Judith Platte, Marian Bötzl, Julian Wobst, Eric Roman Stehr