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As part of the third edition of its IC.ON.IC Festival dedicated to visual arts, Amiens Métropole is launching a call for projects for the creation of works in the public space. The festival will take place from 2. October to 11. November 2023 in Amiens and fund projects in the following three categories. The deadline is on May, 1st 2023.

1. Large-scale murals and art projects
Target group: Experienced artists with significant experience and several projects carried out on similar surfaces and techniques. Techniques: painting (all types) or techniques allowing the work to be preserved for at least 5 years. Overall budget of €10,000 per project, including artistic and production costs.
2. Small-scale murals and art projects
Target group: Emerging artists. Techniques: all types of techniques as long as they are adapted to the surface and the conditions set by the authority. The work must be kept for at least the duration of the current edition of the festival, i.e. from 2nd October to 11th November.
3. A collaborative/participatory art project
The collaborative art project will be carried out by the artist and the public: pupils, teachers, leisure centres and/or parents and inhabitants of the Saint Leu district and the people of Amiens. The Department of Culture and Heritage will coordinate the recruitment of the public, in partnership with the cultural, educational and local actors, after agreement with the artist on the interventions and their development. The intervention will take place on the 24 windows/alcoves of the school facade in the heart of the Saint Leu district. The artist will receive an allowance of €5,000 including wages, materials, accommodation and travel expenses.

More information on the call for proposals and the areas to be designed can be found in the nearby attached link. Also, Tonia Schmitz can put you in touch with the responsibles in the city of Amiens for further details.