Creatives Unite

Creatives Unite  is a one-stop-shop that gathers in one place all initiatives, information and tools related to the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU and beyond. The aim is to bridge the gap between the artists and the overall ecosystem by gathering and providing information circulating on the web regarding creative opportunities as well as giving voice to creators around Europe and beyond.

In addition, Creatives Unite offers three tools to help artists and creators find funding and mobility opportunities and get to know more about their own intellectual property. So You Need Money!, My Intellectual Property! and Mobility Search can be used as a tools to find relevant websites, networks, organisations and initiatives to apply for the program that suits best:

  • So You Need Money! is an interactive online tool providing information on national and regional project calls and funding opportunities for the creative and cultural sector.
  • My Intellectual Property! gathers numerous tools that have been developed in and around Europe to help creators by providing information about intellectual property.
  • Mobility Search is an interactive searching tool for mobility schemes between makers, creative hubs and fab-lab communities.

Altogether, Creatives Unite provides support to find the right funding and mobility opportunities to foster the exchange of experience and practices between makers across Europe and its neighbouring countries.