Shared Habitats / Expanded Ecologies (SHEE)

Ausstellungsansicht: Ein Koffer mit dem Text "Global Consciousness Interface" steht neben einer Zeichnung eines Geräts

«Shared Habitats / Expanded Ecologies« (SHEE) is a critical initiative that aims to change teaching and learning habits. Drawing on historical experiments and the current European agenda, SHEE is developing a modular system of toolkits that both reflect experiments and apply them on new proposals. The project looks into tools that measure air pollution, solar intensity, gravitational waves or wind. The toolkits created will include DIY tools combined with papers, manuals, descriptions of historical experiments, and video tutorials on how to use them. All results will be presented and disseminated in the final phase in the form of a publication and an exhibition.

By referring to historical experiments, the project attempts to re-evaluate humans in their umwelts from today’s perspective. While experiments provide curious people with knowledge, the new proposals encourage dialogue with fellow students, professors, makers and lay people. Because the toolkits are scalable, they can be duplicated and used in multiple locations simultaneously. Through the experimental combination of artistic, scientific and design approaches, the project wishes to engage with innovative forms of coexistence so that our posthuman and postcolonial society as a whole becomes comprehensible as a shared habitat.

Participating persons:
Prof. Ursula Damm, Prof. Dr. Henning Schmidgen, Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Martin Schmidt, Jenny Brockmann, Alexandra Abel


Mindaugas Gapševičius
Artistic assistant at the Chair of Design of Media Environments
Phone: +49 (0) 36 43 / 58 38 71