Pavilion 10m2 City – A design-build project on the south campus of the Bauhaus University Weimar

A piece of town instead of a parking lot!

In a two-week workshop, 17 students from the bachelor's and master's courses in architecture and urban planning designed and built a test room for alternative uses of the campus site. By upcycling wood and canvas, a sustainable meeting place was created: it can be dismantled, reused and, thanks to the use of solar modules, it is self-sufficient in terms of energy supply. With a floor area of ​​ten square meters, this pavilion, called »Parklet«, fits exactly into a single parking space and thus gives the unused space a meaningful use – as an outdoor workspace, as a campus lounge or simply as a seat for the break.

Its architecture combines sustainable building and renewable energy, wood and high-tech, and the fun of building together. The pavilion is a workplace, sun deck, bar, recreation area, event location, stage... A piece of the city is created on 10m2 - and an idea of ​​how a parking lot can become a campus.

With »10m2 Stadt« we want to demonstrate the potential of the space wasted with parking spaces. At the same time, the project is a practical exercise in sustainable construction that combines recycled building materials with modern technology.

Participating persons:
Steffen de Rudder, Pola Rebecca Koch, Stefan Signer, Gerda Seidelmann, Christian Hanke, Ringo Gunkel, Hiroshi Kato, Solarwatt-Group, Franka Maria Fetzer, Tillmann Gebauer, Flora Hagedorn, Alisha Sylvia Hauk, Alma Kaltenhäuser, Luisa Krämer, Hannah Kruse, Ruth März, Mia Naja Mücke, Valentin Siegfried Müller, Paul Jonathan Räpple, Joel Schülin, Gerda Seidelmann, Sina Skibbe, Valentin Topp, Leonard Weber, Malte Philipp Wiegand

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