Housing Community Outreach Center

Eine Glasfassade, in der sich der Himmel und andere Gebäude spiegeln.

A New European Bauhaus drives a socially and ecologically sustainable societal transformation. The interface topic »housing« represents an important field of action for this transformation, as it brings together global questions and questions of everyday life. The AG Wohnen proposes the establishment of a transdisciplinary platform on the housing issue, which combines different disciplines within the university and integrates non-university social actors in housing. The platform fulfills three functions: transfer (education and knowledge transfer from the university to society and vice versa), development of model projects and bundled presentation of projects in an archive.

The platform integrates a large number of social groups and sees itself as transdisciplinary. Partners from politics and administration, from civil society or the private sector (oriented towards the common good) each have their own wealth of knowledge and skills for socio-ecological transformation and are an integral part of the project. The platform thus leaves the purely academic area and is intended to bundle, expand and represent university and non-university knowledge.

We want to design a future for the question «How do we want to live?». The idea of ​​such a platform has been driving us for years, as we work on the topic of "living" in many different ways: in our teaching, practice as planners/architects and research as scientists.

Participating persons:
Prof. Verena von Beckerath (Housing, Fac. A+U), Prof. Dr. Thorsten Beckers (Infrastructure Economics and Management, Fac. C.E.), Prof. Dr. Frank Eckardt (social science urban research, Faculty A+U), Prof. Andreas Garkisch (design and cityarchitecture, Fac. A+U), M. Sc. Kassandra Löffler (constructive design and testing, Fac. A+U), PD. Dr. Heike Oevermann (monument preservation and building history,Fac. A+U), Hanna Schlösser (housing,Fac. A+U), Prof. Dr. Barbara Schönig (Urban planning,, Fac. A+U), M. Sc. Michael Schwind (Urban planning, Fak A+U (Koordination NEB-AG Wohnen)), Dr. Elodie Vittu (Institute for European Urban Studies, Fac. A+U (Coordination NEB-AG Housing), Vistiing Prof. Lisa Vollmer (Urban planning, Fac. A+U (Coordination NEB-AG Housing), Dr. Julia von Mende (Institute for European Urban Studies, Fac. A+U), Jun.-Prof. Dr. Daniela Zupan (European Cities and Urban Heritage, Fac. A+U)


Institute for European Urban Studies

Dr. Elodie Vittu
Phone: +49 (0) 3643 58 26 52

Visiting Prof. Dr. Lisa Vollmer
Post-Doc IfEU (Visiting Professor Urban planning)
Phone: +49 (0) 3643 58 32 64

Michael Schwind M.Sc.
scientific Assistant
Phone: +49 (0)3643 58 26 36