University Sports Centre

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar organises its own sports courses. These courses are offered by the University Sports Centre (USC). With its wide range of courses, the USC offers something for everyone, e.g. aerobics, football, Pilates and yoga. The USC courses provide students an inexpensive way to stay in shape during the semester. Click the link for an overview of the courses, times and fees.


Sport Clubs and Types in Weimar

There are a number of sport clubs in Weimar which supplement the courses offered by the University Sports Centre. Click on the following link for an overview of sport clubs in Weimar and the types of sports they offer.

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Indoor and Outdoor Swimming

For those who miss the ocean or water for that matter, Weimar has a public outdoor and indoor swimming pool and a sauna. The public swimming pools are open all year round and students are eligible for concession day-rates. Depending on the time of day, two hours at the swimming pool costs between 2.20 and 2.80 euros. For pictures of the pools and information about opening times, visit this link.