Complete Module Catalogue of the Computer Science for Digital Media Master's program (since summer semester 2017)

Courses Modelling Distributed and Secure Systems Intelligent Information Systems Graphical & Interactive Systems Specialization WS SS
Advanced Analysis        
Advanced HCI: Theory and Methods          
Advanced HCI: Ubiquitous Computing   • *    
Advanced Numerical Mathematics        
Advanced Type Theory for Functional Programming        
Cognitive Systems          
Computer Graphics II: Animation Systems        
Computer Graphics II: Fundamentals of Imaging        
Cryptographic Hash functions      
Discrete Optimization        
Image Analysis and Object Recognition          
Introduction to Functional Programming with Haskell        
Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining        
Logics and Semantic Web          
Machine Learning for Software Engineering        
Mobile Information Systems   • *      
Online Computation        
Photogrammetric Computer Vision          
Randomized Algorithms

Safety and Security Engineering      
Search Algorithms        
Search-Based Software Engineering
Secure Channels (formerly: Secure Protocols)      
Software Product Line Engineering        
Spatial Computational Geometry        
Spatial Information Systems (GIS)

(Elective only)

Usability Engineering          
Virtual Reality          
Visualization (Elective only)
Watermarking & Steganography

• *      
Web Search and Information Retrieval        

* (by application to the examination committee)