Faculty Welcome and Project Fair summer semester 2019

Faculty Welcome for Master's students: Monday, 1 of April, 2019, 11 am, Bauhausstraße 11, room 014 (Ground floor)

Project Fair: Monday, 1 of April 2019, 5 pm, Marienstraße 13C, Lecture Hall A

Timetable winter semester 2018/19

Master Computer Science for Digital Media [ Timetable ]

Timetable summer semester 2018

Master Computer Science and Media/Computer Science for Digital Media [ Timetable ]

Information on Language Courses

The Language Centre offers a series of course modules which will enable you to reach and prove your competence at B2 and C1 levels. For details of the B2 and C1 course programmes, go to:

In order to reach and prove competence at C1 level, you will need to complete the course programme as outlined on the above webpage. The Language Centre also recognizes the courses Academic English Part I and Academic English Part II, which are offered exclusively at the Faculty of Media, as components of the C1 programme (2ECTS per course).

A special placement test is offered exclusively to students of the Faculty of Media.