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From idea to impact!

Do you have an innovative business idea and need support and time to develop and realise it? Would you like to exchange ideas with other people interested in starting a business and expand your network? With the six-month neudeli Fellowship start-up programme, we enable you to take your idea forward!

The neudeli Fellowship is aimed at students, alumni, doctoral candidates and academic and artistic staff from all departments at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The programme supports innovative technology-oriented start-up projects as well as ideas from the fields of social and creative entrepreneurship. Participation in the neudeli Fellowship is possible as an individual or in a team.

The current application deadline is September 29, 2024!

Are you unsure whether your idea fits into the neudeli Fellowship? In our digital idea check, you can present your project to us in a protected space. We will also answer all your questions about our startup program. Registration is not required. If you are unable to attend this event, you can arrange an individual meeting with us at any time!

The next digital idea check will take place on September 3, 2024 from 1 to 3 p.m.
Access via:

neudeli Fellowship

  • Individual coaching and workshops
  • Networking with the neudeli startup community as well as mentoring
  • Financial support of up to 2.500 euros for the implementation of your idea
  • 24/7 access to the neudeli start-up workshop and the MakerLab
  • 6 ECTS within a Bauhaus.Modul & Certificate after successful completion of the program

What does the neudeli Fellowship offer me?

The neudeli Fellowship provides you with a framework of different event formats that help you to develop your idea in a structured way. Within six months, you will attend mandatory workshops, our so-called startup workshops. These are supplemented by community events, peer group learning and individual coaching sessions: 

Startup Workshop:In our startup workshops you will learn exciting methods and tools that will lead you from your idea to a successful innovation in the market. These include design thinking, brand building, user research and business modeling. You can acquire more in-depth knowledge on startup-related topics in advanced neudeli workshops.
Individual coaching sessions:In personal one-on-one sessions, you work together with the neudeli coaches on your project-specific challenges and receive constructive feedback to develop your project step by step.
neudeli Community:At neudeli community meetings you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other founders and supporters, make new contacts in a relaxed atmosphere and strengthen your network. 

Dates in winter semester 2024/25

October 25, 2024, 9 to 1.30 pmJury meeting for the neudeli Fellowship at the Thüringer Aufbaubank in Erfurt
October 29, 2024,
5 pm
Kick-Off & Community Get Together
Gründerwerkstatt neudeli, Helmholzstraße 15
November 6, 2024, 1.30 to 5 pmStartup-Workshop »Problem Solution Fit«
with Josephine from the neudeli-Team

Central questions:

What problem does my idea solve? Is my idea actually desired by users? What is my value proposition?

Startup-Workshop »Project management for Startups«
with Projektmanagement

Central questions:

Whats does good time management for our project looks like? Which project management tools are useful for my startup? Which milestones do we want to set for the fellowship and beyond?

Please note: The workshop will take place at Schopenhauerstr. 7, 99423 Weimar.

November 27, 2024, 1.30 to 5 pm

Startup-Workshop »Business Environment«
with Josephine from the neudeli Team

Central questions:
What does my business environment look like? What general conditions influence my project? What are my stakeholders and competitors?

January 15, 2025, 1.30 to 5 pm

Startup-Workshop »Sustainable Business Modelling«
with Charlene from the neudeli Team

Central questions:
What is a business model? What can a sustainable business model for my project look like? How can economy,ecology and social issues be reconciled?

January 29, 2025,
1.30 to 5 pm

Startup-Workshop »Branding & Communication«
with Charlene from the neudeli-Team

Central questions:
When do products or services get to brands? What meaning does branding have for my project? What should I consider legally?


Startup-Workshop »Pitch Training«

Central questions: How do I build a pitchdeck? How can I present my foundation idea appealing? What content is relevant at my pitch? How do I appear at my pitch?

March 26, 2025, 6 pmFinal Pitch & Come Together

How do I become a neudeli Fellow?

Your submission will be reviewed by us in an initial screening round based on the following criteria:

  • Comprehensibility of the idea
  • Uniqueness/innovativeness
  • Economic potential

In a second stage, the best applicants are invited to pitch to the Fellowship jury. In this jury session, the most promising ideas will be awarded and accepted into our fellowship program.

Guidelines & Downloads

Below we have once again summarised all the important documents concerning the neudeli Fellowship for download:

neudeli Fellowship Guideline:

» neudeli Fellowship Guidelines 

Please also note our tips for preparing your application:

» Handout for your idea paper



Application for the neudeli Fellowship

Use this online form to apply with your idea for the neudeli Fellowship. Please check the completeness of the submitted data and also take note our  tips for creating your idea paper! If you have any open questions, you can contact us at any time.

May you do well! 

Online Application:

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Our thanks go to all supporters of the neudeli Fellowship!