Kick/Flickable Interfaces

Distributed Kick-Flickable Interfaces for Public Places

Sample reaction of the "Mutti"
In its natural habitat

The aim of the project was to develop a novel interface, which creates a latent opportunity for shared encounters for the people of Weimar.

The interdisciplinary team of Media Architect and Media Informatics students worked in an integrated way side-by-side.
Essential for the foot sized light object ensemble are multi-user and performance like properties. These create active and passive values of leisure and can increase the quality of stay in an environment. The usage is intended to provide a visual focus opportunity for all types of characters in public space - motivating and self-explanatory.

To begin with, the project group investigated pedestrian flows and group dynamics and lighting situations of public plazas in Weimar city. Through the creativity technique of "body storming" various items were then explored for foot control and usage. Inspired by objects that can be dragged, lifted, pushed, poked and kicked well with feet a series of styrofoam prototypes were developed. Each of the developed forms had different roll characteristics.

If an interested person moves one of the light objects a particular behaviour is triggered. The reaction varies depending on the objects character. Through combination or separation the user can create pulsating new reactions.

Radsensor Modul

The technical implementation is based on a modular approach where each sensor and actuator has its own wireless connectivity. Throughout the project various modules have been developed like; LED matrix display module, wheel module, multicolour LED module, etc. The modular prototyping approach is chosen to  accelerate the creation and design of future urban interfaces. Modules can be easiely added and removed and interaction onlz needs restructuring in software without a complicated hardware integration step.

Project members:
Daniel Pollack
Ingo Schaefer
Jenny Carolina González Acuña
Franziska Gerlach
Josephine Trautmann
Michael Pannier

Prof. Dr. Eva Hornecker
Patrick Tobias Fischer