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In general, our research focuses on 'beyond-the-desktop' interfaces and interaction styles, such as tangibles, multitouch, and gesture or body-movement. We develop and evaluate novel interfaces and systems, focusing on user experience, usability, social interaction and collaboration support, and integration into the use context. We aim to not just develop 'cool technology', but rather to understand and conceptualize how this is being used and appropriated by people and how it integrates into the wider ecology of its social and physical context. 

In our empirical research, we utilize a wide variety of methods, including comparative experimental studies, qualitative interviewing, usability studies, questionnaires, in-the-wild field studies, video interaction analysis, participatory/co-design, research through design, and creative evaluation approaches. We also have extensive experience with rapid prototyping techniques and Arduino / physical computing.

The research group at BUW was founded in February 2013. For previous work by our members, check out Prof. Hornecker's personal website on research projects. Click on the photos above for an overview of our ongoing research at BUW.