- SmartHomes (and others)

SmartHomes - and not so Smart Homes

Our research repeatedly touches upon questions related to smart home technologies, or more generally to technologies in the home context. This is sometimes through student projects and theses (e.g. 'Living with Robots – The Future of Autonomous Machines in the Home', 'Technology in the Home', and 'Cushioning the Technology – Combining technologies and textiles for the smart home'). 

Tangible Interaction with Digital Information on Natural Surfaces (2021 - ongoing)
This is the PhD project of Annika Schulz, in collaboration with Robert Bosch GmbH and Hochschule Offenburg, co-supervised with Dr. Frank Beruscha (CR/ADT5), Robert Bosch GmbH and Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn, Affective & Cognitive Institute (ACI), Hochschule Offenburg. 

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