Structural Dynamics

Structural Dynamics

Structural Dynamics: Fundamentals and Applied Structural Dynamics:

Courses: M.Sc. Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering, Digital Engineering

  • 6 Credits (4 SWS V, 2 SWS Ü)


Course aim: In the first part of the module, the students will obtain basic knowledge of structural dynamics, become able to understand the concepts of analyses in time and frequency domain for SDOF systems as well as the extension of these analyses to MDOF systems. Further, they will be able to solve simple problems of structural dynamics by means of a numerical tool.

After passing the second part of the course, the students will be able to apply the concepts of SDOF and MDOF system analysis to practical problems, understand the principles of action of different kinds of dynamic loading on structures, obtain knowledge about the design of remedial measures. Further they will be able to solve more complex problems by means of a numerical tool.


  • SDOF systems: free vibrations, harmonic, impulse and general excitation for undamped and damped systems, Impulse response function, frequency response function, base excitation, time step analysis: central difference and Newmark methods;
  • MDOF systems: modal analysis, modal superposition, modal damping, Rayleigh damping, Frequency response functions, state-space models
  • Continuous systems: free and forced vibrations, travelling loads;
  • Applications: machinery induced vibrations, earthquake excitation wind induced vibrations human induced vibrations

eLearning: Further information about the course can be found on the study platform of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in the virtual room Structural Dynamics

The key word to access the room will be announced in the first lectures of the semester. All information concerning the course is communicated via this platform.

Eingangsvoraussetzungen: Bachelor in der Fachrichtung Bauingenieurwesen oder äquivalenter Abschluss

Preliminary requirements: Bachelor in in Civil / Structural Engineering or equivalent

Preliminary requirements to exams: none

Type of examination: written exam


  • K. Chopra. Dynamics of structures: theory and applications to earthquake Engineering
  • R. W. Clough and J. Penzien. Dynamics of structures. McGraw-Hill
  • H. Kramer. Angewandte Baudynamik: Grundlagen und Praxisbeispiele. Ernst & Sohn
  • C. Petersen. Dynamik der Baukonstruktionen. Viehweg, Braunschweig/Wiebaden
  • Vorlesungsunterlagen

Download: study platform of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in the virtual room Structural Dynamics.