Planning of technical infrastructure facilities

Course Aim

The students have the competence to solve, present and defend a planning task in the field of technical infrastructure under guidance.

General Information

  • Course responsability: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kraft
  • Compulsory course within the specialisation Waste management: 6 ECTS with 5 SWS
  • The course is held in each winter semester.
  • Examination: Written exam 120 minutes

Course Content

The course focuses on:

  • Waste generation, amounts and composition,
  • Relation between socio-economic aspects in waste management,
  • Waste management structures,
  • Technical systems for waste collection and transport.

Further, the course teaches basic notions on, as well as technical concepts and first draft dimensioning of plants treating waste mechanically and/or biologically. Planning tools such as mass balancing and the calculation of emission potentials and costs of treatment plants are being discussed.

Detailed dealing with the topic of biological waste treatment covers:

  • Technical solutions for anaerobic and aerobic biological processes,
  • Bioreactors with suited and adapted bioprocess kinetics,
  • Parameters and monitoring strategies for bioreactors,
  • Mass balancing,
  • Biological processes in landfills.

Finally, theoretical basics are being illustrated together with practical examples at technical scale.


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