Infrastructure Management

Course Aim

The course aims at teaching students an overview on technical infrastructure, urban management and economic sciences as well as the skills to combine the acquired knowledge. As a result, they will understand the connection between infrastructure and marketing mechanisms, demographic growth, structural transformation processes or global megatrends. Further on, the course is teaching city management skills.

General Information

  • Course responsability: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kraft
  • Teacher: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Arnold
  • Compulsory course: 6 ECTS with 4 SWS
  • The course is held in the winter semester
  • Examination: Written exam (120 Minutes)

Course Content

The course focuses on:

  • Insights in international, current and past interactions in municipal economy regarding water supply and disposal, urban waste management, energy supply, traffic management, logistics and communication.
  • Introduction in European legislation and standards as well as their implementation in European countries.
  • Private commitment in infrastructural projects, privatization steps, organizational models and contracts.
  • Methods for project management, the calculation of charges and the financing of costs.

Consolidation of the course’s contents using case studies and exercises.