h2-well Strategic Management

Model Region with Distributed Hydrogen Technologies

Project title:
Strategic monitoring and success control of the WIR! concept h2-well - Hydrogen Source and Value Added Region Main-Elbe-LINK (Wasserstoffquell- und Wertschöpfungsregion Main-Elbe-LINK)

Funding body:
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project duration:
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2025

Principal investigator of the project:
Prof. Dr. Mark Jentsch

Team members involved in the project:
Stina Amrhein B.Sc.

Project website:
→ www.h2well.de

Project outline

The strategic goal of the WIR! alliance h2-well is the realization of a regional, decentrally organized, green hydrogen economy by the end of the decade with proof of the feasibility of decentralized solutions by the end of 2025. More than 40 actors from Thuringia and neighboring Central Germany are involved in the WIR! alliance h2-well.

Fig. 1 - Map of the region Main‐Elbe highlighting the concept of bringing together stakeholders at two focal points in the region.

The central fields of action of the h2-well strategy update are the further development of the WIR! alliance h2-well beyond the end of the project, science communication - both in professional circles and in the public - as well as the qualification and success control with regard to the achievement of the alliance goal.

In this way, the continuous monitoring of the Partnership's progress in comparison with regional, national and global developments ensures the relevance of the Partnership's work for a long-term consolidation of the h2-well approaches in the region. Through appropriate feedback into the Alliance, an improvement in cooperation between science, business and society will subsequently be achieved. In the first phase of the strategy update from 2020 to mid-2023, key figures were determined, among other things, in order to make a comparison with the Alliance's research and market goals tangible.

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Fig. 2 - Balance 2018 to 2020.

Another important part of the h2-well strategy update is to allow experts and the public to participate in the results and updating of h2-well, for example through regional thematic workshops or information material.

h2-well policy paper - Distributed infrastructures for the transition towards hydrogen systems (in German).

Furthermore, the transfer of the Alliance's know-how will be promoted by developing content for a study module on hydrogen systems and sector integration in tertiary education in the second phase of the project, which will allow future personnel in the field of hydrogen technologies to be qualified.

This contributes to the recruitment of young professionals for business and science. The project thus contributes to bundling expertise in the field of hydrogen technologies in the region and anchoring value creation in the region.