Holistic heat supply solution with H2

Project title:
energy4CHP - CO2-neutral energy supply in energy-intensive commercial enterprises - hydrogen-based sector integration in the provision of heat and electricity

Funding body:
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project duration:
01.06.2023 – 31.12.2025

Principal investigator of the project:
Prof. Dr. Mark Jentsch

Project partners:
The WIR! alliance partner Wissenschaftlich-Technisches Zentrum für Motoren- und Maschinenforschung Roßlau gGmbH is involved in the project alongside the Chair of Energy Systems at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Hyrican Informationssysteme AG is an associated partner.

Team members involved in the project:
Artjom Kolwa M.Sc., Dipl.-Ing. Christian Gebhardt-ScholzBenjamin Breuer M.Sc.Kaspar Schmädicke B. Sc., Nicole Meyer M. Sc.

Project outline

Within the framework of the joint project, an integrated overall system for the CO2-neutral energy supply of the test halls of the research company WTZ Roßlau gGmbH with electricity and heat is to be developed, implemented and tested. The focus here is on the technical integration of an electrolysis plant and a bifuel-argonPowerCycle (APC) CHP, which can be operated conventionally with natural gas and ambient air or with hydrogen and pure oxygen in the circulation system, with a photovoltaic system as well as a hydrogen storage infrastructure and a ground heat storage system with heat pump.  In addition, the project includes the development of a suitable oxygen storage system as well as the control integration of the entire plant with the hydrogen storage system and the existing photovoltaic system. Furthermore, the storage of process heat is to be made possible via a geothermal borehole in the ground. This decentralised solution for energy supply is intended to demonstrate a feasible alternative to the supply of electricity and heat based on a natural gas CHP plant in order to relieve the supply systems for natural gas in the future.

The sub-project of the Bauhaus University Weimar is taking on tasks in the basic data collection, preparation of operating scenarios, planning, modelling and simulation of the entire system as well as the development of a common specification for the trial operation of the system components in the network. The central development goal is the conception, technical implementation and testing of a "thermodynamic switch" for different heat sources for heat supply in buildings. In addition, a basic EI&C concept including AI-based forecasts for plant operation will be developed, a thermal ground model for foundation heat storage will be developed and the scientific basis for design and calculation software for multi-energy storage system solutions for the intelligent integration of renewable electricity and heat supply will be created. The sub-project also includes the implementation of process data storage and processing as well as the evaluation of the measurement data from the joint trial operation of all system parts of the collaborative partners with a validation of the achieved target parameters. This serves to optimise the EMSR system and the AI forecasts as well as to evaluate the system and its components in terms of their transferability to different companies in the manufacturing sector. Figure 1 summarises the concept of the energy4CHP project.

Fig. 1 - Diagram of the integrated system