Public Private Partnerships

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hans Wilhelm Alfen

WS 12/13

ECTS: 3 (from WS 12713 onwards)

Hours per week: 2

Module: Basics in efficiency analysis

The aim of this lecture is to introduce the technical, economic and contractual/legal basics of Public Private Partnerships and other modern procurement methods. A comprehensive lifecycle-related, risk-aware and economic thinking as well as understanding the requirements, advantages and disadvantages on the side of the public authorities and private business are of particular importance.

Privatisation and privatisation models, market economic, legal and organisational frameworks and requirements on the side of the public authorities and in the construction economy; lifecyle and supply chain of infrastructure, peculiarities in tendering, preparation of an offer, placing of an order and project realisation; consortial cooperation and tasks of a project company; instruments for structuring projects, project specific aspects; project case studies.

Pre-requirements for the exam:
assignment and fulfillment of the pre-requirements of other lectures within the overall module "basics in efficiency analysis"


ECTS: 3 (60% of the grade of the module "basics in efficiency analysis")


The examination of "Public Private Partnerships" is composed of the assignment (40%) and an one hour exam (60%). Handing-in the assignment is required to take part in the exam. The grade of the examination "Public Private Partnerships" counts as 60% of the overall module grade in "basics in efficiency analysis".

Assignment (Group assignment):

  • Details and dates: see task instructions
  • Enrolment at the Chair of Construction Economics
  • Decision on groups is made by the Chjair of Construction Economics
  • Presentations
  • Assessmen: see grades here


  • The exam "Public Private Partnerships" is part of the module examination in "basics in efficiency analysis". The next module examination takes place at the end of the summer term (re-sit examination).

Lecture dates:

The next lecture series takes place in winter term 2012/2013 (WS 12713).

Contact: Marten Oeser

Lecture slides:

  • Chapter 0
  • Chapter 1a
  • Chapter 1b
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8

Examination results (WS 11/12):
see module "basics in efficiency analysis"

Older results can be accessed via the "Bison Portal".