Project Finance

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hans Wilhelm Alfen

WS 13/14


Hours per week: 2

Module: Basics in Finance (only for PO 26)

The aim of this lecture is to introduce models and instruments for financing of infrastructure and real estate projects. Project finance has to be differentiated from company finance. Further, methods and approaches of structured finance are discussed, considering project and sector specifics.

  • Introduction, business finance studies,
  • Provider of finance / financial means,
  • Finance of projects vs. project finance,
  • Contract / finance models,
  • Financial engineering / finance instruments,
  • Finance contract / term sheet,
  • Project finance vs. forfaiting

Pre-requirements for the exam:

The "project finance" examination takes place on nn/nn/2014. 

Date of the lecture:
This lecture takes place in the winter term from 9.15 am to 10.45 am in Lecture Hall B, Marienstraße 13C.


Contact: Björn Wündsch



1. Introduction

a) Business finance studies
b) Provider of financial means

2. Introduction to project finance

a) Project finance chracteristics
b) Financial engineering

3. Finance of PPP projects

a) Contract and finance models
b) Project finance versus forfaiting
c) Finance of PPP projects

d) Finance contract

Excursus: Financial crisis