Planning and Procurement of Urban Light Rail Projects

Lecturer: Dr. David J. Ling

Date: SS 2015: 18.-22.Mai 2015

SWS: 1

Course Content:
This project provides an introduction to the planning and procurement of light rail projects, with particular reference to the involvement of private finance. It also aims at developing phased group work involving case studies, presentations, self-critical review, role play and discussion skills.

The proposed Seminar Schedule comprises the following main activities:-

  • An Introductory Lecture ~ on general issues in urban transport planning for public transport
  • A Case-Study Lecture ~ on the planning of the Manchester Metrolink Light Rail project
  • Student Group Work: Task 1 ~ on a Transport Scoping Study
  • A Lecture on Funding LRT Projects ~ on procurement, evaluation and the scope for PPP’s
  • Student Group Work: Task 2 ~ on LRT Project Implementation
  • Review of Proposals with Student led critique
  • Round table interaction with role play by students as different project stakeholders
  • A closing session providing feedback and concluding discussions

Course assessment:
Active involvement, group work, presentation

Schedule (vorläufig, Änderungen vorbehalten): timetable 2015


Ansprechpartner: Richard Asiedu

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