Fernweh - Travelogues in a Self-Driving Car

Window of the car with the touch interface for the passenger to record their own travelogue while on a trip.
Interior view of a self-driving car with two separate virtual trips( Kenya and Norway) displayed on the windows, while the small display screen in the front of the car shows the real location and surroundings of the car(Mumbai).

Master Thesis l Interim-Prof. Michael Markert l Interface Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar l Associate Prof. Mark Shepard l Department of Architecture , University at Buffalo l Summer 2017

Fernweh- Travelogues in a Self-Driving Car

Fernweh aims to transform everyday transport into immersive travel experiences that can be shared with people around the world. This project brings together the adventure of travel and the exciting technological opportunity of self-driving cars, to design an in-car experience that could virtually transport the passenger around the world. Self-driving cars would constantly capture 360 degree videos of its surroundings to make calculated decisions on the road. This project proposes to design a platform called Fernweh, for passengers to access these videos for real-time sharing with others and to view the videos from other journeys happening all around the world, to experience it for themselves. The windscreens and windows of the car are designed to become digital display screens which relay these videos to the passengers inside the car, creating a virtual environment within the car. When a person is driving down a road in Berlin, they can switch the display windows to take them to Hawaii for a sunset or to the buzzing streets of Mumbai. The car itself will become a social platform to share immersive travel experiences from all over the world. It could be a way to connect people to their hometowns and their families, a way for loved ones to see the world from the others´ eyes, a way for people to escape from mundane commute and take a splash in a virtual travel experience and even a way to experience their dream holidays, while sitting in their car.

Here is a link to a video about my thesis:  https://youtu.be/JDmKOPKBugA