Interactive Light Pyramid

Janette Sesselmann

Directed Research Study l Prof. Sylvie Belangér, Prof. Mark Shepard l University at Buffalo l Fall 2016

Weimar (Germany) and Buffalo (NY, United States) - two places sharing an architectural history with each other. My work intends to connect those cities in a public and interactive light installation via telecommunication frequencies. The idea of the light as a reflection of human interaction does not simply detect visibility. Rather, it will be a matter of things that must stand out. Whether if it is advertising or a sidewalk, the meaning of illumination is not defined by businesses, engineers or lighting designers; for one must also include public responses to their displays. It is a matter of culture than of functionality. As a reflection to these circumstances, this project is supposed to underline a transnational interaction of knowledge and communication in public space. Especially in current times where geopolitical developments worldwide question the meaning of borders, nations, and identities; open-mindedness and curiosity are the keys for progress.