Nomadic Architect

Janette Sesselmann

'Collateral Architecture' Design/Research Studio l Prof. Jordan Geiger l University at Buffalo l Spring 2016

The practice of architecture is becoming more and more global. Architects became members of a cosmopolitan culture that transcends national boundaries and identities. We must go where the work is and therefore, the world has become our office space. We don’t have the same security as our parents did when they left university; there are no jobs waiting for us, it is us who must create work.

An online platform which challenges the idea of value in the international architectural work environment. From the star-architect to the construction worker, everyone can search for their suitable job offer. The bare listing of your mere choices interacts with the reality of the architectural field in a global understanding for working nomads.

Nomadic Architect finds you the best places to live and work remotely as long as you’re able to compete with others in your profession.