Showcase: Gallery of Student Works

Studio Projects

Studios are the main semester projects in terms of workload and ECTS. Students are encouraged to develop artistic, experimental work following the research-based studio outline. IMAMS students in Buffalo join the Situated Technologies Research Group, one of four research studios at the core of UB's architectural graduate studies. Students in Weimar join the MediaArchitecture studio as part of their foundation semester.


Seminars cover a broad range of research based, technical and/or artistic practice. The general topic outline is flexible as defined by the study regulations. Students are generally encouraged to attend a balanced mix of media as well as architecture seminars. Between both faculties at both universities is where the interdisciplinary nature of IMAMS really comes to light.

Thesis Projects

Thesis projects are undertaken after the completion of all mandatory coursework and are handed in at both universities under the supervision of interfaculty staff. A general differentiation is made between scientific / research-based and artistic / experimental theses. Further details on thesis and academic degrees here.