Taking a doctorate at the Faculty of Media

The purpose of taking a doctorate is to allow the candidate to demonstrate his or her ability to conduct advanced academic work. The submitted dissertation must thus meet academic standards and contain original academic material and research results.

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar authorises the Faculty of Media to confer the following academic degrees:

  • Computer Science: Dr. rer. nat.; Dr.-Ing.
  • Media Management: Dr. rer. pol.
  • Media Studies: Dr. phil.

The doctoral degree regulations determine the admissions requirements and the entire doctoral procedure. The Doctoral Candidate Admissions Board is the committee of the Faculty of Media responsible for taking decisions, ensuring that the doctoral degree regulations are properly followed and resolving any outstanding issues.

Brief overview of doctoral requirements

1. Dissertation (in written academic form)
2. Thesis defence (oral defence)
3. Publication

Brief overview of doctoral examination process

1. Declaration in writing by a professor of his/her willingness to supervise the candidate
2. Registration as doctoral candidate
3. Commencement of the doctoral examination process
4. Acceptance of the assessors’ reports
5. Thesis defence
6. Publication
7. Doctoral certificate

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Anja Loudovici, phone: +49(0)3643-58 37 00 or e mail: anja.loudovici[at]uni-weimar.de.

Please send applications in writing to Prof. Dr. Julia Bee, Head of the Doctoral Candidate Admissions Board, by standard mail to:

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Fakultät Medien
Bauhausstraße 11
99423 Weimar