Final Theses

The Chair of Marketing and Media Research regularly supervises final theses, especially in the Master's programme Media Management, but also in the Bachelor's programmes of the Department of Media Studies.

Application and acceptance of supervision

Students who are interested in having their thesis supervised by the chair are asked to register their interest in a supervision in good time with a concrete proposal for a topic with the professor and the academic staff. Students are free to choose the topic of their thesis, but it should be oriented towards the research focus of the professorship.

It should be noted that research and teaching at the Chair is primarily empirical, which is why an appropriate methodology is recommended, especially for theses in the Master's programme in Media Management. The concrete topic proposal should take the form of an exposé (approx. 3 pages): Description of the project (incl. research question, methodology, literature), schedule and preliminary outline of the thesis.

New regulations for Master's theses: The acceptance of a supervision usually takes place at the opening colloquium at the end of the semester before the semester in which the degree is sought. The date of the colloquium can be found in the course catalog. Registration for the colloquium is done according to the information you will receive in time by mail.

Supervision as part of the colloquium

During the processing time of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis, supervision usually takes place within the framework of one or two unassessed colloquia, in which all students who have been accepted to write a thesis at the professorship in the corresponding semester participate. In the course of this event, students are to briefly present their current state of work (max. 2-3 minutes) and state their current questions and problems to the plenum. The questions and problems are discussed and clarified openly in the plenum.

In addition, a final colloquium - graded in the Master's degree - takes place about four to six weeks before the submission deadline, in which students present their research and current challenges with the thesis in a 20-minute presentation. Afterwards, the presentation is discussed and final questions are answered.