Sustainable Urban Development

What does sustainable urban development look like?  This is how futurologists at Daimler imagine the Olgaeck in Stuttgart. A built and much-cited contribution to the topic is the "vertical forest" in Milan by Stefano Boeri. This is what the sustainable city looks like in the imagination of the Federal Environment Agency.

According to a widespread rough estimate, cities contribute significantly to climate change, accounting for 60 percent of global CO2 emissions. As urbanization continues to increase and more and more people live in cities, the problem will become even worse. That's why we need ideas on how cities can radically reduce CO2 emissions. It is very likely that the image of the city will change significantly as a result.

Since the task of urban planning is to plan the city of tomorrow, the discipline must also provide the images that illustrate the change. To do this, architects need a basic knowledge of how to turn cities into zero-carbon cities.

We start here with a collection of links on the topics of climate-friendly and sustainable urban planning.


Energy and CO2

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Building materials and construction

Urban space and climate impacts

New urban mobility