Re-inventing the Leipzig inner city ring road

For a long time, Leipzig's inner city ring was a large green area, also known as the Promenadenring, a circular space that enclosed the old city and connected it with its surrounding. Today, the city ring is primarily a traffic area, and has become a barrier that separates the inside from the outside. In some sections, eight lanes and four streetcar tracks must be crossed.

The city of Leipzig has now decided to tackle the problem making it a public discussion, accompanied by citizens' forums, lectures and expert advisory boards. The aim is not just to reduce lanes and create more space for footpaths and cycle paths. It is also about redesigning the Ring as a spatial idea, about what this valuable open space stands for in the city of the 21st century.

Together with Leipzig's traffic and urban planning department, new ideas for the ring road are to be developed. Spatial designs and images will be created that show how the space could look like under the conditions of a rapidly growing city and a new mobility. The Goerdeler- and Tröndlinring area will be dealt with in more detail, inventing new functions, new urban spaces and new connections.

The design includes the seminar "The Ringstraße as a historical figure and spatial typology", a three-day excursion, as well as lectures and workshops planned in cooperation with the city of Leipzig.