25 October 2023

From Summer to Spring: Join the Spirit of Learning at Our Spring School in Weimar

Spring School Team 2023

Spring School Team 2023

After the success of our Summer School, we are excited to announce the return of Bauhaus Spring School! If you cherished your time with us during the summer, then you won't want to miss this opportunity to return to the picturesque city of Weimar in a different season. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, Weimar is preparing to offer an exceptional educational experience in the form of our Spring School.

Course Offerings

Our Spring School is designed to offer a diverse array of interdisciplinary courses, catering to a wide range of interests and academic backgrounds. These courses are carefully curated to provide students with a valuable learning experience that combines both online and in-class phases.

Scholarship Opportunities

We understand the importance of financial support for students pursuing their academic passions. As such, we encourage all prospective attendees to check with their home universities regarding the availability of Erasmus Blended Intensive Programmes scholarships.

As the leaves fall and autumn sets in, Weimar's charm becomes even more enchanting. Our Spring School offers a unique opportunity for students to enjoy the best of both worlds - an exceptional academic experience coupled with the vibrant cultural tapestry of Weimar. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this journey. Plan for your future today and join us at the Spring School for an unforgettable learning adventure. Explore, learn, and grow with us in the heart of Germany!


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