Online Examination Formats

Information for teachers and students

As a result of the second amendment to the basic regulations for managing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on studies and teaching of 14 April 2021, some examinations may be conducted online for the 2021 summer semester examination period (19.07.2021 to 13.08.2021).

The examination formats outlined in the examination regulations have been supplemented for this purpose with online in-person examinations in the university’s PC pools (e-examinations) and with online remote examinations (examinations without being physically present). 

The faculties responsible for the examinations remain unchanged and are responsible for organising the examinations and, in particular, for creating the necessary conditions with regard to personnel and premises. Announcements to students regarding changes to examination formats must be made four weeks prior to the examination at the latest. 
Students are to be given sufficient opportunity to familiarise themselves with the electronic examination system within the scope of the respective course and to comply with data protection regulations.