The current semester contribution for the summer semester 2019 or students who are already enrolled at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, is 186,27 Euro. The semester fee must be paid within the re-registration deadline (receipt of payment) until 28.02.2019.

The transfer can be made from December 2018.

This amount can be paid up to 31.03.2019 if you sign up first.

The semester contribution is comprised of the following fees:

  • 69,00 Euro Studentenwerk fee
  • 66,57 Euro Thuringia ticket of DB Regio
  • 31,20 Euro Weimar public transport ticket
  • 10,10 Euro Central Thuringian public transport ticket
  •   9,40 Euro student government contribution
  • additional 20,00 Euro non-recurring fee for student ID card "thoska" (only for first-semester students and new enrolled students, NOT for students changing their academic programm within the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and not for exchanging and ERASMUS+ students)

In special cases, you may be exempt from paying the semester contribution or eligible for reimbursement. Request forms for reimbursement of the semester contribution may only be submitted to the Studentenwerk Thüringen. The request is processed according to the Studentenwerk’s payment statutes. Reimbursement after the semester begins is only possible in exceptional cases. Request forms must be personally handed in at the INFOtake in the foyer of the Mensa am Park.

Overdue fee
If you fail to pay your semester contribution or request a leave of absence (receipt of payment no later than 28.02.2019 for the summer semester 2019), your name will be removed from the university register. However, you may be allowed to re-register or request a leave of absence following the deadline if there is good reason. If your explanation is recognised, you will be charged an additional overdue fee of 20 euros. If you sign up first or do a re-registration you don't have to pay this additional fee.


Please transfer all payments and fees to the following account:

Landeshauptkasse Thüringen

IBAN: DE52 8205 0000 3001 1113 13

On the line marked “Verwendungszweck” (intended purpose), do not forget to include your enrolment number and name. If you are an applicant and not yet enrolled, please enter your applicant number and your name on the line marked “Verwendungszweck”.

The terms and conditions for re-registering are specified in § 13 of the enrolment regulations of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.