Students re-register by paying the semester contribution on time. To re-register for the summer semester 2019, you must pay the semester contribution of 186,27 Euro or request a leave of absence no later than 28 February 2019. The date of re-registration is determined by the date your payment is received by the Student Office.

The re-registration period for the upcoming summer semester ends on 28 February 2019 (receipt of payment).

» detailed information about the semester contribution and Semester Ticket

Long-term study fees
Students, who receive notification that long-term study fees are due, have to pay an extra 500 euros per semester in addition to the semester contribution. Students are required to pay long-term study fees if they study longer than four semesters past the prescribed duration of study of their current degree programme.

» further information about long-term study fees

Forget to re-register?
If you miss the re-registration deadline, i.e. fail to pay the semester contribution or request a leave of absence in time (receipt of payment by 28 February 2019
), you will lose your student status and your name will be removed from the register. However, it is possible to re-register or request a leave of absence following the deadline if you have a good reason. If your explanation is justified, you will be required to pay an additional overdue fee of 20 euros.


Please transfer all payments and fees to the following account:

Landeshauptkasse Thüringen

IBAN: DE52 8205 0000 3001 1113 13

On the line marked “Verwendungszweck” (intended purpose), do not forget to include your enrolment number and name. If you are an applicant and not yet enrolled, please enter your applicant number and your name on the line marked “Verwendungszweck”.

The terms and conditions for re-registering are specified in § 13 of the enrolment regulations of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.