General Academic Advising

General Academic Advising provides counselling and support to ease your transition from school to university life. Throughout your academic career, you can contact our advisors to receive assistance with private and study-related problems. Based on your personal and social situation, we offer orientation and a plan of action for every hurdle you encounter on your way to graduation.

Advising services for university-bound pupils and undergraduate applicants:

  • Selection of degree programmes and choosing a course of study
  • Preparing for university and applying for admission
  • Information about study conditions

We offer presentations on the topics listed above to groups of prospective students with university entrance qualification (secondary schools (Gymnasium-level), employment agencies and professional information centres (BIZ)) which include a tour of the facilities here at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. If you are interested in participating in a tour, we kindly ask you to register in advance.

Advising services for students and graduates

  • Assistance with learning and working difficulties and examination problems
  • Changing majors or discontinuing one’s studies
  • Academic planning and time management
  • Academically related personal problems
  • Graduate and post-graduate education opportunities

Most of our advising services are offered as personal consultation in German or Englisch. You can speak with one of our advisors during “visiting hours” at the Campus.Office or make an appointment in advance. The consultation is free, anonymous and voluntary.

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